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This contract is an agreement between the client listed below and Aussie Home Inspections of Banner Elk, North Carolina. Please read it carefully. It contains a Limit of Liability and an Arbitration Clause. 

Aussie Home Inspections performs an inspection of homes and buildings according to the “Standards of Practice” of the NCHILB (North Carolina Home Inspectors Licensure Board).

This document is to inform the client of what a home inspector should report, and what is not expected of the home inspector’s report.  

Our home and building inspection is a general observation that is visual in nature and not technically exhaustive.  It is done to give the client a better understanding of the property’s condition as observed at the time of our one-visit Inspection. 

Aussie Home Inspections of your home or building will include: structural components, exterior, roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating, central air conditioning, interior, insulation, ventilation, and built-in kitchen appliances.  We will send a report to the client by mail, or email if preferred, within four business days of the inspection or upon receipt of the signed agreement (whichever is later.) Radon tests are available through our company under a separate contract. 

The Aussie Home Inspections will not include: building code enforcement, detached buildings & their components, “cosmetic” non-standard items; pools and Jacuzzis; environmental tests or conditions; security systems, heat or carbon monoxide detectors; telephones, built-in vacuums, solar systems, Stucco, water wells, septic fields, anything buried or concealed or hidden from general viewing,  flues, lightning arrestors, refrigerator leaks, board-by-board exterior examination.  The roof and exterior will be inspected from the ground. The inspector will not move personal items, snow, or debris in order to do this job.  

Client obligations:  We strongly urge the client to be present for our inspection..

The client should make an on-site examination of the property prior to our inspection and should notify the inspector of any pre-existing  issues or concerns. Client has permission and access to enter the property. Utilities, plumbing, gas, and electrical power must be turned on for Inspections. Furnaces must be capable of being turned on using normal controls. Pilot lights should be lit. The client will later retain other appropriate inspectors and licensors and make necessary repairs, if planning to close on this house or building. The client agrees to pay Aussie Home Inspections for this inspection and report whether or not a sale of the property takes place.

Disclaimer: Home Inspectors determine whether or not a building’s standard systems are working properly, and may recommend that the client retain other contractors and specialists (such as electricians) to determine what steps are necessary to make corrections. Corrections are not made by the home inspector, nor do we claim that our inspections will necessarily reveal every existing technical problem. Our report points out problems, and potential problems, that our inspection has revealed.  Our purpose is to give the client an understanding of the building’s general condition. As licensed North Carolina Home Inspectors, we will give our best considered opinions, but we do not guarantee any items or opinions described in our report. 

We are not a home warranty company nor do we carry insurance on warranty claims. If the client feels that our report has an error or obvious omission, the client agrees to notify us in writing within one week of discovering this, and allow us to re-inspect and address the alleged mistake. If this step is not taken, the client automatically releases us from all potential legal actions. (An agreement to refund all, or part, of the cost of the inspection can be made, but such issuance is considered a full and final settlement.) 

This inspection is not for third party use. Aussie Home Inspections will not release this report to any third party without the client’s approval. Clients who choose to release the report to others agree herein that they (clients) will hold Aussie Home Inspections harmless to any damages that are claimed by others. The client agrees not to involve us in litigation issues except when, by prior agreement, we are named as an expert witness. If any entity disclaims the authority of the contract signer to act as an agent for buyers, the signer of this contract automatically indemnifies our home inspections  company from all fees, costs and claims incurred in that process. 

We do not do Re-Inspections:  

Fees/Payment: The cost of the home inspection is based on the age and total square feet (heated and unheated) of the home or building, and is subject to correction. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee for buildings in distress, cluttered, foreclosed, or investment and rental properties. Payments must be made at the time of the inspection or at closing, which ever comes first. Interest will be added to unpaid bills. 

By signing below, the client agrees to all terms and conditions stated above. (Please feel free to discuss any issue with Aussie Home Inspections before signing. We are required to have a signed contract prior to each inspection.) 

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